Are You Ready To Make Your Employees Suited & Booted With Corporate Uniforms?

Are You Ready To Make Your Employees Suited & Booted With Corporate Uniforms?

Ever wondered what is the similarity between an Army Colonel and a McDonald’s employee?! It’s no rocket science! The answer is very simple – Both are required to wear a uniform. Undoubtedly, the example given compares two extremely different professions but the crux of it is that uniforms are a crucial part of companies, institutions, or industries. We can easily make out by just looking at the attire of any person about his profession. You’ll see doctors wearing white aprons in hospitals and not jeans or ball gowns! You’ll easily recognize a pilot by looking at his uniform and his cap. When you go to a restaurant you’ll at once call the waiter to place your order because you can make out with ease by looking at his uniform. A uniform is a dynamic and principal part of any workplace. 

Why Is It Important To Cook Up A Look For Your Employees With Corporate Uniforms?

A lot of introspection and creative thinking goes into designing the uniform as it represents the organization as well as the comfort of the employees wearing it. The best example of varied uniform evolution is the uniforms of flight attendants, addressed as flight stewardesses previously. Their uniforms have evolved drastically over the period of time and have always been a crucial part of the airline companies. By a mere glance at the flight attendant, you can recognize the airline company.

 This is the level of association and impression which a uniform gives about a company. So, the first impression of the uniform must represent the spirit and brand of the company.

Wearing a uniform not only represents your company but also gives a sense of pride to you for being associated with such a great company. You feel responsible and loyal towards your company.

Benefits of Wearing Uniforms at Workplace – 

  • Establishing Brand

This is one of the most beneficial reasons for having uniforms for your employees. The uniform represents the brand and ethos of the company. It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that it works as a marketing tool for the company. Wearing a company uniform has a higher purpose than just looking nice and professional. Companies who take uniform programs solemnly, understand the importance of workplace decorum.

  • Encourages Unity

This stands true especially for big companies with a large workforce where the workers find it a little difficult to approach the Management for any issues. Having a common uniform for everybody irrespective of the designation of that employee brings more uniformity in the work atmosphere of the company. Wearing the same uniform puts everyone on the same platform. This in turn builds a sense of unity and team spirit amongst the employees.

  • Wearing Uniform Saves Time & Money of Employees

Do you ever get confused standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear to the office? This difficult situation can be totally avoided by having a uniform at the workplace. It surely makes life trouble-free for the employees by saving their precious time and money which they otherwise spend on going shopping and buying new clothes every now and then to look trendy and smart at the workplace. Having a uniform also ensures that no employee wears inappropriate clothes at the workplace. A uniform program definitely enhances company branding.

  • Ensures Employee Protection

In contrast to corporate uniforms, industrial workwear not only establishes brand and recognition for the company but also gives protection to the workers working at sites and areas which involve fire, heavy types of machinery, chemicals, glass, and other hazardous materials.

With progress in fabric technology, the materials used for making industrial workwear have become more safe and durable thus protecting workers in a better way. Along with providing safety to workers, industrial workwear also helps the workers to stand out from other public, especially in public areas. For instance, firefighters. Their uniform protects them from high temperature and fire and also helps people recognize them easily in the general public. 

  • Advertisement On Move

This is perhaps a very crucial reason for companies to have workwear. Workwear indeed is a walking advertisement to promote the company brand with minimal investment done. Well-depicted workwear with a brand logo and vibrant colors makes the employee a moving advertisement for the company. Also, the clients find it easy to recognize the worker from their service-providing company. Urban Company is a good example for this. You can contact the best industrial uniform manufacturers to get your workwear designed.

Choosing The Best Uniform For Your Employees? 

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Wearing a uniform not only promotes the brand and makes the employee feel a part of the company, but also changes the customer’s way of looking at the business. Let’s look at some factors which should be considered when choosing a uniform for your employees:

  • Comfort is what makes employees happy – 

Uniforms are worn by employees for the whole day and every day. So, their comfort should be considered on top priority. When choosing the uniform design and fabric, the nature of employees’ work should be kept in mind. Whether they will be interacting with customers at the office or they will be out in the sun interacting and serving customers. The material used in uniform should be sweat absorbent to make the employees feel comfortable the whole day. 

  • A good fitting uniform enhances brand image – 

No one ever likes wearing ill-fitted clothes. A good fitting uniform makes the employee more presentable and confident. All the uniforms stitched should be in accordance with individual employee’s measurements. Also, the uniform’s cut should be gender-specific to fit male as well as female employees perfectly.

  • Uniforms should be long lasting – 

Uniforms are meant to be worn every day. So their washing and maintenance will also be done on a daily basis. The material of the uniform should be durable, comfortable, and suitable for the job of your employees. Selection of the right fabric will affect the uniform’s life span and also the comfort level of the employee.

  • Follow the trends – 

The design of your uniform should be inspired by prevailing fashion trends. It will give an impression of your company moving in a modern direction. This will show that your company is not resistant to changes and believes in moving on with the trend.

  •   Brand consistency – 

Company uniform is a reflection of your business. The brand logo and colors used in uniform should be in sync with the company’s other marketing channels. Your brand logo should stay coherent across all the channels.

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