Polymer Solutions by Armstrong

With a strategic tie up with Formosa Plastics Corporation, Taiwan we at Armstrong Products are able to provide a range of Polymer and Nylon based resins to the Indian market. With corporate headquarters in Taipei, Formosa Plastics Corporation, Taiwan owns and operates vertically integrated chemical manufacturing factory located in Mailiao, Jenwu, Linyuan and offers a full range of Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyethylene and Polypropylene resins.

The range that we are currently offering in India includes;

PVC Resins

  • Formolon Suspension PVC Resins
  • Formolon MASS PVC Resins
Suspension and MASS Resin Properties and Attributes
PVC Specification, Application and Properties

-Nylon Resins

Nylon Resin Specifications

Armstrong PVC Pipes

Armstrong PVC Pipes

We are a leading PVC plastic pipes manufacturers in India. We offer a wide range of PVC pressure pipes and fittings, manufactured as per IS 4985:2000 standards. Our PVC pipes and fittings can be used for a variety of applications like, irrigation, water supply, industrial process lines, swimming pools, firefighting mains, etc. 

We pride ourself on manufacturing a complete range of quality PVC pressure pipes, PVC fittings, using only the finest raw materials and best practices within the industry pertaining to the set industrial limits, for all your pipe system requirements. The complete range of products goes through stringent testing as per the national and international standards to ensure high performance and durability. Our piping system is light in weight, quick and easy to install, has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance properties, high flow rates, long life and economy.