Different Types of PPE & Why They Are Important?

A very important aspect of any workplace is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The employees and managers are exposed to a lot of risks and safety hazards without PPE. Also, one needs to be careful about the type of PPE to get as it cannot be any equipment that fits in your budget.

Ensuring that proper and the most appropriate PPE is being used by the workers in their respective roles becomes highly important. 

In this reading, we will uncover the different types of personal protective equipment and why they are so important.

Ensuring the highest standards of safety practices to be followed in the workplace becomes easy once you understand the types, needs and importance of these equipments. Especially now, the importance of PPE for construction workers in covid-19 times, has also explained its place in the industry.

So without any further ado, let’s hop in.

The Types Of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For All Conditions:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available in a wide range. The type of PPE completely depends on the nature of the workplace. Let’s discover a few common types of PPE:

  • Hard hats
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses/eye goggles
  • Earmuffs / earplugs
  • Work boots or protective footwear
  • Coverall/Boiler suits

The type of personal protective equipment you go for depends on the type of risk it avoids. Let us understand the risks that are associated with the workplace and how the PPE helps in avoiding them.

  • Electrical shock
  • Mechanical hazards (to limbs, digits, head, etc.)
  • Chemical burn or poison
  • Fire
  • Radiation exposure
  • Flooding/drowning

Before finalizing the type of protective wear you go for, it is very essential for you to understand the different types of Personal Protective wear that are available and how they protect the workforce from different risks. Hence, it is advised to know the types given above and match the risks to perfectly select your PPE.

That being said, let us further understand the importance of PPE manufacturers in India and why they are vital for the industry.

Why Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturers In India Are Important For Workplace Safety

  • PPE helps to minimize the hazards and risks associated with any kind of workplace. 
  • Without quality PPE, the risk of workers getting exposed to these hazards is high. This can result in the possibility of health injury or illness of the workers.
  • For that reason, you need to have great quality manufacturing companies in India. 
  • The more reliable, better and efficient the manufacturer is, the better the quality of PPE will be. 

That’s why you need good PPE manufacturers in India for workplace safety

Let us now understand the uses of PPE in different industries, like construction, chemical, medical, fabrication industry and so on. Let us understand the importance of PPE in construction for now.

PPE Equipment In Construction

PPE equipment in construction plays a very important role for the workers. Workplaces that involve construction usually have a risky practice going on almost everywhere. From lifting heavy materials to drilling, fabricating, mixing, grinding and so on. PPE equipment in construction protects the worker from all types of risks associated with this kind of workplace.

Let us understand this better as to how a PPE protects a worker’s body parts.

  • Head & Feet 

Hard hats protect from falling items, likewise work boots/shoes protect from ground hazards. There are different types of protective wear that avoids risks associated with the head and feet like hats and boots, made according to the workplace environment (hot,cold,sticky. etc.)

  • Eyes 

For the protection of eyes, safety glasses/goggles are employed to protect from particles, corrosive liquids, etc. from entering the eyes. These goggles also help the workers see properly while carrying out their tasks without hindrance while protecting the eyes from particles like dust, sparks, liquids, etc.

  • Lungs 

Construction workplaces also include a lot of grinding of materials which release harmful dust particles that can harm the lungs directly if inhaled for a long time. Respirators are employed to prevent breathing in contaminated air and protect the wearer from such hazardous particles that get in the lungs while breathing.

  • Body 

There are PPE made to keep the workers warm in cold conditions and protection from fire in hot environments. Such PPE equipment in construction are manufactured keeping in mind extreme weather conditions, workplace temperature conditions and so on. Some workplaces include the use of fire, and some might have extremely cold weather conditions. PPE offers protection from such conditions.

  • Skin 

The rest of the skin also needs full protection except for the torso. By that, we mean the hands. For hand protection, gloves to wear are employed to prevent the risk of burns or corrosion in workplaces. And hence, the importance of a quality hand protection gloves manufacturer has boomed.

That was a simple run down of the types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that are available and the types of risks they are made to avert. A PPE for construction workers in covid-19 times, also has become extremely important. It is important for you to understand them completely before you choose to go for any, in order to perfectly protect yourself or your workers from the associated risks.

Get yourself the best head & feet protection, eye protection, body protection and hand protection gloves manufacturer available to get the best quality protective wear resulting in full protection which is long lasting as well.

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