The workenvironment of industrial employees is challenging. They are exposed to hazardous gasses and chemicals and to the dangers of objects falling on their feet. The injuries that can be sustained on the metatarsal of the ankle can be painful and the recovery process is also lengthy. This is one of the reasons why safety shoes are in huge demand. They are very important in the workplace.

With safety boots, it is possible to eliminate foot injuries. According to studies, twenty-five percent of all disability claims filed in the world relate to foot injuries. The crippling distress and cost of foot injuries to employees have prompted many nations to implement strict mandatory policies that enable effective protective strategies in the workplace. These measures have brought about the huge benefits by reducing foot injuries.

Even though foot injury is associated with dangerous work environments, flat feet, blisters, aches, pains and dropped aches, which are associated with standing for long periods take their toll on the body and can lead to increased absenteeism and unproductive staff.

It is interesting to note that it is not amputations, lacerations, punctures and crushing of the feet or toes that claim the most victims. Instead, it is trips and slips that account for the high number of work-related injuries in all industrial sectors.

Some of the common injuries that are sustained when not wearing workplace footwear are broken bones, crushed feet and the amputation of feet and toes. These injuries are prevalent in logging, construction, oil rig and fishing operations. The other injuries that occur are puncture to the soles of the feet. The employees who work with scrap metal, wire and nails are vulnerable.

Lacerations, cuts and severed toes can also happen to people who work with machineries like chainsaws and rotary mowers without adequate protection. Burns can result from molten metal or chemical splashes. These problems can all be prevented by wearing safety shoes.

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