At Armstrong Products, we know that having safety shoes in the workplace is imperative. Research shows that twenty five percent of all disability claims in the world are due to the foot injury. Many people make the assumption that foot injury is caused by working in dangerous work environments. This is not the case because other injuries can take their toll on feet. They include dropped arches, blisters and severe pain. These injuries can cause employees to take time off work. Some of the injuries that employees can sustain if they do not wear safety shoes and boots include:

    • 1. Crushed feet, loss of toes and broken bones – These injuries often occur in the construction industry. However, they can also occur in the fishing and logging industry.

    • 2. Puncture wounds – People who work in areas where staples, nails and scrap metal are used can sustain these wounds if they do not wear safety shoes.

    • 3. Lacerations, cuts and severed toe injuries can occur in people who work with equipment like chain saws.

    • 4. Burns can be caused by hot metal splashes and chemicals

    • 5. Fractures and sprains can happen in a wide variety of workplaces. They are usually caused by trips and falls.

    • 6. Electric shocks - These injuries are common for construction workers and electricians who do not wear safety boots and shoes.

Good examples of the safety shoes we offer are the steel toed boots. They are specifically designed to protect the top of the feet. Steel toed shoes provide protection to the foot and toes in the event that a heavy object may fall on the shoe. These shoes are also fitted with impact protection. Some safety footwear is also fitted with impact absorbing sole and ankle collars for additional support. Safety trainers that have puncture protection and anti slip safety shoes are also available.

With the different kinds of safety shoes boots available, there is no reason for workers, not to protect their feet regardless of the kind of environment they work in. At Armstrong Products, we do our best to offer reliable and affordable protective wear. We have a wide selection of safety footwear to choose from. The protective wear required usually depends on the hazards presented by the workplace.

Our safety shoes are made from durable materials like poly-urethane and leather. The outer materials of the shoes are resistant to oil, chemicals, fat, blood, water and other materials that pose a safety risk in the workplace. The soles have anti-puncture qualities to ensure that sharp objects do not penetrate through them. The inner soles also provide additional protection and comfort to the wearer. The safety shoes also have a reflective strip that helps increase visibility in certain work environments.

Safety boots are usually made from rubber and they come in a number of lengths and styles. The safety boots may be, slip ons or they could be calf length. Gumboots are generally utilized in factories. With proper care, the shoes and boots that we sell should last for a long time. In order to prolong the lifespan of the safety shoes, they should be cleaned regularly and allowed to dry before they are used. It is also important to check the uppers on the safety shoes for wear and tear.