Are you a passionate cook? Like other professional chefs, you should put your safety at the forefront. Needless to say, a kitchen of any size can be dangerous. The odds of slipping and falling are high, especially, if the floor is slippery. In addition, handling hot stoves, food, soups, and beverages is risky. It is even riskier when wearing the wrong type of shoes. There is the chef footwear online, especially in our store.

Armstrong Products Pvt. Ltd has been selling safety products for workplaces since 1996. It is the biggest manufacturer of industrial clothes and foot accessories. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified business, we maintain high standards of quality as we produce our products. We are innovative, efficient, futuristic and different. As a result, we make and distribute the best shoe products for cooks.

Products for both genders

As men and women become professional cooks, we manufacture foot accessories for both genders. Thus, there is a nice pair of shoe for everybody who works in the kitchenette. It doesn’t matter whether you work in your own restaurant or are employed. We have excellent male and female pairs. Each pair is unique and stylish. Some are slip-ons and others are not. Slip-ons are easy to wear when you sit up and remove when you sit down. All of our pairs have a high-quality sole with a good traction. This is to avoid trips and falls. Second, we make sure that every product is well-cushioned inside to increase comfort. Hence, you can wear yours for a whole day without feeling the urge to remove them.

High-quality craftsmanship

Armstrong makes durable and comfortable products. We use the premium quality leather material. The shoe uppers feature complete grain leather in mostly black color. Our casual pairs are so stylish that they could complete any chef’s uniform. Additionally, they lack shoelaces because of the possible hazards they could cause if they were to loosen out without the wearer’s knowledge. Our Armstrong voyager series has the cutest products, especially, for ladies. These are mostly slip-ons and have a steel toe and ankle protection. They are better than any traditional work safety shoe you can find. Made of grain printed leather uppers, breathable non-woven fabric inners and a double density PU sole, the voyager is a strong product that can resist acids, alkalis, oils, and other sorts of stains. Besides, it cannot sustain a cut or an abrasion as quickly and easily as similar products out there can. All our items are anti-static, waterproof, wide and comfortable in the toe area. The reflective high visibility lining gives extra security.

All our items are affordable

We do not overprice our top quality foot accessories. Most of our products’ pricing is suited for average income earners. That’s why we get all kinds of buyers. Some are cooks working for some company and others are just ordinary shoppers who want to feel safer in their kitchens. If you have any queries about us and our product range, feel free to call or email us. One of our polite and devoted customer care representatives will receive your message and respond instantly.